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We are calling for Egyptian IT experts and entrepreneurs to match them with four German startups, expecting them to support the startups in developing their business ideas. The main goal is to work together on the business idea and develop an application for the EXIST start-ups scholarship.

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Step by step

Step 1.#  Application

We call for Egyptian IT experts to apply and become CTOs in newly formed German Startups. Successful applicants will be shortlisted. Applications submission ends on the 24th April 2019.
The earlier you apply, the better your chances with the startups.


Shortlisted applicants will be assessed, to make sure that they fit the needs of the start-ups, and contacted afterwards. 

Step 3.# Meeting in Cairo

Each start-up will send a team-member to travel to Cairo to meet the matched-applicant in person to assure a mutual understanding of the business ideas and objectives. This step will take place in May.

Step 4. # Remote team work

The Egyptian entrepreneurs are expected to prepare for their travel to Germany. They will start working remotely, with the rest of the start-up team, on developing the business idea and putting the outlines of the EXIST application.

Step 5.#  Boot Camp in Germany

The start-up team members will meet in Leipzig, Germany. They will attend a two-week boot camp at Leipzig University and work intensively on developing the EXIST proposal. Leipzig University has solid expertise in developing EXIST proposals and will offer all the support available

Step 6. # Finalize the proposal

The Egyptian entrepreneurs will fly back to Egypt. They will proceed working remotely to finalize the EXIST proposal. After submitting the proposal, they will await the results, which can take about 3 months.

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About the project

The Entrepreneurship Initiative SMILE (Self-Management Initiative LEipzig) at Leipzig University is announcing the initial phase of the RSIP project (Regionally Strong, Internationally Present). The project is implemented in cooperation with Jena University and Halle-Wittenberg University, all in Germany. The project is financed by Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.
The RSIP projects aim at supporting start-ups in Germany by nurturing them with offshore talent. In the scope of our positive experience working in Egypt and the lack of qualified professionals, especially in the information technology sector in Germany, we would like to focus on matching German start-ups, which are looking for endorsement in the IT-sector, with skilled Egyptian entrepreneurs of IT-background. 

Startups Profile

Startup 1


The business is into the production of clothing and shoes made from African fabric and design, recycled and upcycled materials. We co-create our products with customers through a web-based application that allows customers to customize their clothing and shoes. The customer can choose the colour, the style, and the design which they want and it will be produced for them. Individuals are also able to upload their designs and customers can choose from the design, and they are paid a commission for that. The company also has a library where customers can choose their designs from or create their designs. Embroidery design can also be made on old clothing for the customer by choosing a design online and sending the old clothing for it to be sewn.

The company also works with other youth in Africa to build some parts of its shoes and assembled later in Germany. Our enterprise is founded on the idea of building a business that has as its primary focus to make nice African designed wears while fostering young talents, supporting the unemployed and protecting the environment. 



Greenhub is an innovative indoor aquaponic solution that combines an attractive smart ecosystem, cutting-edge technology and high design standards to create a functional green oasis in schools and urban households. With the help of fish and beneficial microbes, fresh, pesticide-free and vegetables and herbs can be grown year-round. We

Currently the project is in the feasibility phase and located in Leipzig, Germany. The planned market for the Greenhub is the education sector, such as Schools and other educational institutions. Thereby, a great attention is paid to technology development and provision. At the moment we have first prototypes of hardware and software. We want to develop a concept for schools and apply for a government funding in end of the year 2019. For this reason we need your experience and power.  

Startup 1


Attracting and retaining suitable talents has grown to become a key problem in HR across industries. More than ever, HR managers are faced with the challenge of finding a balance between making the right decisions regarding applicants’ eligibility for a job, while at the same time optimizing for candidate experience. TalentBot solves this problem by giving candidates the individual attention they deserve, while efficiently screening for how well suited the person is for the job.



Dashbike is a project for an innovative dashcam for bicycles. We have developed the first and only legally certain dashcam for cyclists in Germany and Europe which contains a camera, a distance measurement system and a light. We are located in Jena, Germany.
We have already made a patent application and want to start in the german market. Our product is useful for all people who ride bicycle on the streets especially in traffic. Dashbike is supposed to become the market leader in bicycle dashcams and bicycle safety products. 

Female signing contract, picture to illustrate terms and conditions

General Terms and conditions

If you are interested in this project, please take a look at the attached start-ups description and send us the following documents in English:

1- Detailed CV, which presents your previous studies, experience and your tasks in prior jobs.
2- Motivation letter, explaining why do you think you fit for the start-up and the project.

Eligibility conditions:
1- Applicant must be Egyptian, with a valid passport and be able to travel in July 2019.
2- Applicant’s latest university degree must be obtained after 2015.

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