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We are calling for Egyptian IT experts and entrepreneurs to match them with German startups, expecting them to support the startups by solving their IT challenges.

Application are now CLOSED !

Please note that only the applications received via the application form below will be processed. Any CVs received via email will not be taken into consideration!

About the project

The International Startup Campus is a mutual project of three German Universities in Leipzig, Halle-Wittenberg and Jena supporting German Startups in their exploration activities on international markets as well as in strengthening their position on the home market by competence building and team development. 

The aim of this sub-project is to support German Startups and founding teams by supplying them with offshore IT-talents. Based on positive experience working with Egypt and the lack of qualified professionals, especially in the information technology sector in Germany, the International Startup Campus in collaboration with organizes a matchmaking program to connect German Startups with clear specified needs for IT-support with skilled Egyptian professionals open to international cooperation.

Female signing contract, picture to illustrate terms and conditions

General Terms and conditions

Eligibility conditions: 

1- Applicant must be Egyptian

2- Applicants should meet the qualifications  requested by each startup

3- If you are an expert in a different IT field than the needs of any of the participating startups, you may submit your contact info for future matchmaking opportunities with other German startups.

If you are interested in this project, please take a look at the attached start-ups description and send us the following documents in English before the deadline of 21/11/2020 : 

 1- Detailed CV, which presents your previous studies, experience and your tasks in prior jobs. 

 2- Motivation letter, explaining your experience and how you fit for the start-up and the project. 

All submitted data will only be used for matchmaking purposes with current or future opportunities with German startups as determined by Self Management Initiative Leipzig SMILE representatives at Leipzig University.

For questions, please contact at, message us on Facebook or call us during working hours 01121666612

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Step by step

Step 1.#  Application

We call for Egyptian IT experts to apply to solve newly formed German Startups' challenges. Successful applicants will be shortlisted. Applications submission ends on the 21st November.
The earlier you apply, the better your chances with the startups.

Step 2. # SHortlisting 

Shortlisted applicants will be assessed to make sure that they fit the needs of the start-ups. The assessment will be ongoing during the application period. 

Step 3.# matchmaking

Each start-up will meet the shortlisted candidates in an online meeting to assure a mutual understanding of their task and objectives. By the end of this phase you should prepare your proposal that clearly demonstrates the project's milestones and delivery date.

Step 4. # contracting

Should you be selected, you will start working remotely, with the support of the start-up team, in December 2020.

Startups Profile


Not a number 

We realize customized spatial sound concepts for diverse requirements in the field of live and installations. Our services extend through all project phases, from conception and development of ideas, technical planning, sound design, recording, production and 3D mixing of audio content, interaction concepts and interface design up to equipment rental, installation and operating of sound systems. 

From spatial binaural productions for headphones, common surround formats to 3D multichannel sound systems with over 100 speakers we are prepared for realizing visions from a wide range of applications. Through the creation of own and collaborative creative works, we are always in the process to research or develop new hardware and software and to expand our know-how and our pool of state of the art tools and technologies. 



Hallo.City is a young start-up run by Valeria and Maricruz, two internationals living in Leipzig, Germany. The idea behind Hallo.City is that internationals coming to live in Germany can easily access the products and services they need in a centralized digital platform. The co-founders have built an online community using Instagram  (@hallocity_leipzig) during the past 6 months and are now willing to scale their business idea. They are now looking for a passionate software developer to help them achieve their goal.



I am a biologist and very interested in GIS. That's why I founded my startup to develop an android app for mapping the landscape and its biotopes. Till now this work is be done by pen and paper. An app will speed up and remove transmission errors from the mapping process. The mapping is used in Germany to determine the value of a landscape. This is needed for every construction activity like streets, power lines, railway lines, tall buildings... As well the app is useful for research. You can record differences in the landscape on the timeline. The beta version of the app is almost ready to use.

We strongly advise you to read the terms and eligibility criteria before submitting your application!